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Had a really strange bug?

@gamasutra: Game devs! What’s the weirdest bug you’ve ever encountered? Let us know and we’ll feature answers on @gamasutra #gamedev. [Link to tweet]

Brit in California, helping w/the Game Developers Conferences, Gamasutra, Black Hat, the Independent Games Festival; also Video Game Storybundle curator.

And here are the answers

@simoncarless: Some awesome answers (including an EA/toilet flush mishap!) to @Gamasutra’s ‘What’s your weirdest game bug?’ quiz:

Entrepreneur, Business Accelerator and Leader  Currently:  CEO and Co-Founder @Soomla |  Inactive Founder @EyeViewDigital

Need some help with monetizing your game or some advice about fundraising?

@y_nizan: Game Design and Startup Advice via @soomla

Game design advice, monetization tips and fundraising intros. Free help by SOOMLA's CEO, Yaniv Nizan

I quit my job to make video games. I play yo-yo all the time. Licorice is my anti-food. I'm literally the world's greatest role model. I like you.

Free resource for gamedevs

@maxticket: ET Game Jam, where you have six weeks (the time it took to produce the Atari game) to make a better ET game. Good or bad idea? #gamedev

co-founder of soomla tweets away about our latest game design review

Missed Casual Connect Amsterdam? Here are the top lectures

@gurdotan: Why Use MVC in Your Next Game | @Soomla

Programmer at Coffee Stain Studios. Danish. Nerd. Loves games. Strive to learn, don't fear failure and do what you love!

Looking for some more game development tools?

@Liinelol: Really helpful info for newly started gamedevs #gamedev
RT @gamasutra: The poor game developer’s toolkit : the mobile games industry website with the mostest

Great resource for game developers

@pgbiz: Nice article covering the same areas as Moneti$er in terms of the IAP economy in F2P mobile games

Retro Video Games documentary.Lost & unseen archive footage filmed 1989 to 1998 Producer @Jonathan Beales …

The history of video gaming – Kickstarter project

@FizzMovie: How video gaming evolved,documentary,with unseen film. #gamersunite #playstation #sega  #retrogaming #indieDev #retro

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Indie gamedev: creator of 30 games, 50 songs, 2 books,  #Unity3D #HTML5 #LD48 #1GAM

The golden ratio in art and design

@McFunkypants: #gamedev idea: instead of squares make the atomic unit in your next game fit the golden ratio. developer should skip square images and go for the golden ratio

I'm a trained car designer, but currently Art Director & CEO of No More Pie, a games company. Oh, and I have a real job teaching Games Art at (KUAS)

Seeking a job in the gaming industry? Here is a great resource

@eclat521: Brilliant explanation of every job in the entire games industry.. #gamedev

Cocos2d development tips and links. From the developer of Sketchshare and Super Turbo Action Pig. Day job over at

Free resource for gamedevs

@abitofcode: Game programming design patterns – Free online book via @danceyd #gamedev #patterns

co-founder of soomla tweets away about our latest game design review

Missed Casual Connect Amsterdam? Here are the top lectures

@gurdotan: 5 Must Watch Lecture Videos from Casual Connect Europe | @Soomla

Über Geek. #gamedev with #unity3d - senior front-end dev at . building large-scale websites, games and technology for 20+ years.

Apparently doors can explain almost anything in gaming

@gekido: Brilliant “@AnttiLax: This explains quite well the importance of game designers. T”he Door Problem”: #gamedev”

Product Lead at Grand Cru. Sporting a Ph.D. on game design research. Tweeting about games, game development, and creativity.

Great resource for game developers

@aquito: A collection of concrete examples for various game mechanics, algorithms, and effects. #gamedev

Entrepreneur, Business Accelerator and Leader  Currently:  CEO and Co-Founder @Soomla |  Inactive Founder @EyeViewDigitalDoes your game include random components?

@y_nizan: 3 Reasons to Add a Luck Element in Your Games via @soomla

3 ways to add luck in your game and improve engagement, retention and monetization

Selected news, features, and analysis from Gamasutra, a leading site dealing with the art and business of video games.

Japanese market snapshot from indie perspective

@gamasutra: Blog: A peek inside the shifting Japanese indie dev scene



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twitter icon for an indie game dev

Don’t be fooled when debugging your game

@italicpig: Just because it has no errors doesn’t mean it works. #gamedev

gamasutra twitter image - the leading publication for gamedev

Great books in the response to this tweet

@gamasutra: Game devs! What’s the best game dev book or educational resource you’ve ever used? We’ll feature answers on @gamasutra #gamedev (link to tweet)

Dave Biscgila twitter image

Awesome list of tools in this post

@tapdave: Want to get into the games industry? Start by making your first game today: cc @thetaplab #gamedev

co-founder of soomla tweets away about our latest game design review

Making an action game? learn from this game review

@gurdotan: Learn from others – complete game design review | @Soomla #mobilegames #indiedev

Indie prize profile icon - great competition for indie games

Indie showcase is coming to Asia

@inprize: OMG we got 20 new submissions today! It’s maybe because tomorrow is the deadline for game submissions for #CCAsia14 in Singapore! #gamedev
twitter profile pic for a game developer that works at

Funny responses by coders

@ORPH4NUS: Top 20 Replies by Programmers When Their Programs Don’t Work #gamedev via @geeksaresexy @CodeCombat @AlgoBot

refael is the cto of soomla and loves everything about indie game dev

Want to meet the SOOMLA team? here is your chance!

@_refaelos: @SOOMLA is coming to @CasualConnect Asia ! Meet us there. #bestgameconference

Great interview

@byhandgiveaways: Dont miss this awesome interview of #indiedev @psypsoft #art #etsymnt #handmade #gamer #music on @damartkat



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A recent report showed that IAP is still the leading source of revenue, video ads are the preferred advertising formats and users are least annoyed by offer wallsI recently came across an interesting games monetization report by Gamesbeat. If you are not familiar with this publication, it’s part of Venturebeat and is certainly one of the top publications for the video game industry. The report is based on a survey with 176 game developers both big and small and compared their choices for monetization. The main benefit of purchasing the report is understanding what the successful games do differently. Here are some of the highlights (free of charge):

Video wins advertising

The report clearly shows the dominance of video ads as the weapon of choice for successful publishers. When comparing the success rate of over 1,000 games made by the surveyed developers and figuring out the ad providers recommended by the most successful publishers, Vungle and Adcolony had the upper hand.

In-app purchases is still the main revenue source

While this is far from being news these days, the report confirms the dominance of IAP as the main revenue source for all successful games. It is being used by about 50% of all the games but over 95% of successful games choose it as their main monetization strategy.

Successful publishers pulling out of Google Play

While google play represents the biggest audience these days and have presented stronger App Store revenue growth during 2013, the survey did find that successful publishers are focusing on iOS these days. This should be a big warning sign for Google if they want to stay in the game. The history of the gaming industry shows that attracting premium content has been one of the main keys to success in both the console and the portable devices gaming markets.

Incentivized is the least annoying ad format

The publication also released some interesting data about how different ad formats are perceived by the users. As game developers, we want to keep our users engaged and pleased and advertising is doing the opposite so the goal is to find the least annoying format. According to the data presented, Offer walls are the best ad formats for keeping your users happy.
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3rd week in a raw we are collecting the best tweets on the hottest topics in the gamedev community. Hope this helps you keep up to date.

Launched a free 2 play game and want to monetize better?

@gurdotan: 3 Quick Ways to Add Consumables in Your Game | @Soomla #indiedev #gamedev

Great resources – programming books

@marmaladeapps: Check out this fantastic list of free programming books on Github #gamedev #appdev

Making games is more fun than playing!

@jatosha: Have kids that love video games? Encourage them to design their own 🙂 & are great! #gamedev

Tech resources from Unity

@msdev: #GameDev @mcummings details how to create idle states for your walking character in @Unity3d:

Free gaming console anyone?

@unity3d: Help our friends @M2Research map how #gamedev is evolving! Fill in the survey& you can win a PS4 or XBox One #unity3d

Nice idea if enough people will join

@ElbowRoomApps: Would you use a social network for developers? #indiedev #developer #html5 #js If yes would you help make it? #IDRTG @seven11nash

Indie developers have to fill out so many forms these days

@danthat: “All the Boring Bits of Paperwork you have to do as an Indie Developer” pls RT if you like it #GameDev #IndieDev

Game engine comparison

@codepaladin: Why I chose @CoronaLabs over Sprite Kit, Unity or Cocos2d-x. #indiedev #gamedev

Some inspiration from our CTO, Refael

@_refaelos: Courageous people create new products. Extraordinary people are bold enough to adapt to changes. @Soomla #startup #learntochange

Blogging is a great way to validate your ideas in a lean way

@Soomla: Lean Startup – The Leanest Way to Get Out There

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As in every week, we pick up the best tweets so you can catch up on the news from the last week.

Always wanted to understand what shaders are about?

@coutomms: Nice explanation about Shaders for #gamedev #indiegame

@willychyr: When writing shaders, half the time this is what my effect looks like. #gamedev

Shaders are a powerful tool but quite hard to master. pink box is often the output you get when making a coding mistake.

Can coding be gamified? Code combat tries just that

@ORPH4NUS: Check out The Fastest Growing Open Source Project @CodeCombat #gamedev #opensource

Want to increase engagement in your game?

Want to increase engagement in your game? Here is how the top 50 games do it. #gamedev

Increasing long term retention is a goal for many game developers. Planning mechanics can improve retention by engaging users.

Adding alternative android stores just got a lot easier

Amazon, Yandex, Samsung and any other android based store can now be used with SOOMLA framework.

Made with Unity Friday

@unity3d: 12 hours until #madewithunity Friday’s on! Can’t wait to see what’s everybody working on. #unity3d #indiedev

Tell us what you think about 2048 game

@tylerglaiel: 2048 is like when you ask for a gameboy for christmas and your grandma gets you one of those “1000 games in 1” things

Those robots will rule the world one day

@AsherVo: Guys @mwegner made robot that plays Threes and I am freaking out

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Fun Stuff, Industry News

Following the success of last week’s best tweets list we are continuing this habit of summarizing the indie game development news of the week. Will try to do this every Sunday so stay tuned.

Do you like game jams?

@McFunkypants: Cool new game jam coming in May: PUBLIC DOMAIN JAM hosted by @gritfish:  #LD48 #1GAM #gamedev

How top 50 games generate engagement  Many indie games generate short term engagement but fail with long term engagement. #gamedesi

Great way to save on draw calls for Unity developers

@smgstudio: Unity Devs: This is how we’ve been packing so much into #OTTTD  #gamedev #madewithunity
by combining textures you can save many draw calls. Tips for effective mobile game development with unity / unity3d

Developers react to the Oculus acquisition (link to Gamasutra)

@DeepSpaceExile#gamedev Developers react: Facebook buys Oculus VR – Here’s what developers were saying after news broke that Fac… 

How to animate the hero of your game (video tutorial)

@Digital_Tutors: Read a new post on a behind-the-scenes look at the rigging and animation for the Indie #Gamedev series: …

Differentiating good investors from bad ones

@Soomla  Things that good investors won’t do – here is a list of patterns. #startups #investors #seed

differentiating good investors from bad ones - here is a list of patterns that will help you tell them apart

Retail scams reaps profit off charity on humble bundle resells

‏@dphrygian: If you’re a savvy gamer and not just a savy one, this is important to be aware of: …

Minecraft pulling off their support for Oculus after the FB acquisition

@garrynewmanOh internet. If someone offers you $2bn, you take it. Even if that means running the risk that notch will forbid a minecraft version.

Youtube is great for getting organic game downloads

‏@dparente: Tips on getting your indiegame covered by youtubers #indiedev #gamedev 

Are pay walls really neccessary?

@gamasutra: Can free-to-play have pay-to-progress without paywalls? 
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We all want to stay up to date with what’s going on in the industry but following everything that’s happening on Twitter is not easy. We aggregated for you the best stuff so you won’t miss a thing.

Innovation doesn’t need compelling visuals – check this out for inspiration

@gameralphabeta: Text Based Multiplayer Shooter
Ridiculous idea that works really well by #gamedev @EigenLenk

text based multi player shooter game

With Unity5 moving into big guys’ territory CryENGINE opens up for indies

@IndieDB: CryENGINE going subscription based!

Its royalty free indies!

@cryengine #indiedev #gamedev

cry engine going subscription based and free for indies

Anyone in for some free Marmalade?

@marmaladeapps: And finally…For a limited time only our Community license is completely free Promo code: GDCFREE #gamedev

What can be learned from a Kickstarter failure

@gdevnet: Lessons learned from Algo-Bot’s Kickstarter failure — great tips for your own crowd-funding campaign!

Finally someone called it – most games are re-skinned

@pabloruiz55: I refuse to believe that the only way to be a successful indie game developer is to do re-skinned “games” #gamedev #indie

Anyone looking for more exposure for their game?

Want to get exposure for your game? Here is how to get it featured on SOOMLA blog #mobilegames

Getting your game reviewed on the SOOMLA Blog can help you get more exposure.

Why I’m moving indie?

@msdev: Triple A or #IndieDev? One dev shares his story: #gamedev
I started my move to indie games after a realization of the 'meaningless million'

Setting up in-app purchases for the first time? This is a must read

@Soomla: 5 Mistakes to avoid with your in-game economy design. #Gamedev #Mobilegames

Game engine battle heating up

@MatousJezek: #Unreal and #Cryengine to battle with #Unity3d on field of #indiedev : //


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It’s GDC next week and everyone likes to break news just a few seconds before so they can be the talk of the show. Looks like David Helgason and Jussi Laakkonen cooked the best dish for us so far. Unity continues move to cloud with video ad provider acquisition.

Unity recently announced that it will acquire Applifier who are mostly known for their Everyplay service. This service, is added by the game developer in the form of an SDK and allows the user to record and share video sessions of his or her gameplay. Quite neat right? Seems like Unity thought the same way.

But wait, isn’t Unity about game development? What does that have to do with recording gameplay videos? Well, Unity announced in last Unite Conference that took place in November 2013 that they are starting to provide various cloud services. They started with interstitials for ads and cross promotion and so video ads is a natural step for them.

“Unity was founded to democratize game development, and we are incessantly searching for tools that can make our community more successful,” said David Helgason, CEO, Unity Technologies. “By welcoming Everyplay to the Unity platform, we’re arming our developers with an incredibly powerful and authentic way to connect with a rapidly growing community of passionate gamers.”

“The challenge for today’s developers doesn’t end with releasing awesome games – they also need to attract and retain legions of true fans,” said Jussi Laakkonen, CEO, Applifier. “We are thrilled to join forces with Unity and, with the help of the incredible Unity community, overcome these important challenges together.”

In addition to Everyplay, Applifier also owns a video ad network by the name of GameAds. This service will also be coming into Unity as part of the deal.

It’s likely that we will see a tighter integration between the two platforms in the near future and Unity developers will be able to add video recordings and video ads in their game more easily.


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